Social Media: A Golden Opportunity For Security Companies

Among all the social media predictions for social media, experts agree on only one thing: it will evolve, and faster than anticipated. Are you ready to incorporate social media into your marketing plans? To help you evaluate its role in your organization, take a look at these trends and how you can capitalize on them.

Social media will continue to integrate with traditional business outreach efforts, leading to “convergence emergence.”

Even major old-school companies realize that social media has real power, and integrating it with other marketing elements makes both more powerful.

In one example last year, one of Kohler Company’s most successful social media projects promoted their new flipside shower head by creating a Karaoke opportunity and then allowing people to post the results on their Facebook pages. (A number of these videos are still available on youtube – not most people’s finest hour!) This combination of a point-of-purchase experience and immediate posting to people’s personal social media connections helped build a strong buzz for a new product release. The cost of adding social media was minimal.

Do you attend trade shows or offer any similar opportunities for the public to learn about your services? How can you link those projects to your social media efforts?

Social influencers will increase in power.

Do you remember those kids in high school who decided who and what was cool? Social influencers are like that, but with a broader reach than ever thanks to social media. Businesses are trying to harness that energy through encouraging their projects to go viral and developing ideas to excite these influencers. As a result, social media mavens are working hard to analyze and measure the power of social influencers. Right now, the best way to start to understand these efforts is to just pay attention to what’s hot in social media and where (or who) it comes from.

Social sharing will gain power.

From on-the-spot reviews at stores such as Sears and hotels and restaurants to consumers that check the Internet for reviews of your products or services right in your office, what other people are saying about you will have an immediate and direct impact on the success of your business. Whether you want to pay attention to social media or not, it’s sure paying attention to you. Ignoring bad reviews or comments will not make them go away. Be smart and pay attention to your Internet reputation.

Niche marketing and the micro economy are growing.

Customized jeans and home theater systems are making way to the individualization of business where one-on-one connections skip the corporate marketplace. It’s so much easier to shop all choices – big and small – when sitting in front of a computer. What makes your organization a better bet than a talented individual who can get his hands on some good security equipment? You need to be ready with the answer when your potential customers start asking.

In Social Marketing, be sure to:

  • Keep your social media efforts current. If you’re not posting on Facebook every week and Twitter every other day, better not to have an account at all.
  • Link everything to everything. Your website should link to Facebook to Twitter to Google and back again.
  • Use images. There’s power in pictures – don’t neglect your visuals.
  • Provide really good content. The better your content, the better your search engine position and the more people are going to want to be part of your social media efforts.

There’s really no excuse for ignoring the benefits of social media any longer. It is a proven resource for any business, and chances are good that your competition is on top of it. How about making a new resolution to jump into social media with both feet, and make it your best year ever?

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