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New Year, New Launch: Announcing Our Newsroom!

Here at Ignite, we strive to utilize the same marketing strategies that we advocate and execute for our clients. Doing so helps us to test new ideas and navigate the waters so that we can successfully implement tools and tactics for other companies. Drinking our own kool aide, so to speak.

One thing that we haven’t done is launch and maintain our own newsroom. Sure we have a blog, and have been posting fresh content for years. But the use case for blogs is much different. The News page, as we tell our clients, is for broadcasting important internal updates, like announcing new services, employee spotlights, product updates, featured clients, community involvement, etc. The hesitation for us has been time, and a reluctance to “toot our own horn”. Frankly, we just don’t think we’re all that interesting.

But, as we tell our clients, it’s important to those outside looking in that we are transparent, authentic, and well, just plain ol’ human beings just like everyone else. People like to do business with other people. Plain and simple. And a News page does just that.

So, with that said, welcome dear friends, to our first ever post in the Newsroom! We hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we enjoy being a part of our client’s businesses, and the security industry!


Team Ignite 🙂


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