Client News: ADA Compliance Updates

Beyoncé was sued over her website violating the Americans with disabilities act. And you could be too. That’s right. But wait, you say…I’m just running a small business in rural America. Who cares if my website is accessible to handicapped people or not?

Lawyers, that’s who. And blind people. They care too. But not as much as lawyers. According to the article in, it’s become a cottage industry for ambulance chasers around the nation. And your small town (or big town – more likely) security website could be next.

So, what do you do?

The bigger picture here, is…who’s got your back when it comes to making sure that your security website is not only up to date, safe to browse, mobile friendly, and safe from legal attack by predators who want to steal not only your identity, but your customers identities, your reputation, and your business through frivolous lawsuits?

Ignite Security Marketing

If you are a valued client of Ignite, we’ve already taken care of this for you. We keep tabs on the pulse of pop culture so we can act without prompting, on your behalf. And if we somehow miss an important new trend that affects your website, and your business and you tell us about it – boom, it’s done within minutes. No waiting. No support tickets that take days to resolve.

That’s how we take care of our clients. We’re proactive, dependable and trustworthy. Since 2009, we’ve been the go-to resource for lead generation and website dependability in the security industry.

Are You In Good Hands?

When is the last time your website marketing or website hosting company took care of a problem before you even brought it up? Can’t remember? Call and talk to us today. We stay on top of legal trends so you don’t have to.

Is Your Website ADA Accessible? Here’s How To Fix The Problem.

Take a look in the lower left corner of this screen, You’ll see an ADA icon. Click on it. Problem solved. How much does it cost? Nothing. Free as free can be. Just visit the website. They have a free widget that you can install right now on your website that will make it ADA compliant within seconds.

About Us

Ignite Security Marketing is an experienced team of professionals that has been providing digital marketing solutions for the electronic and physical security industry since 2009.


About Us

Ignite Marketing Group, Inc. is an experienced team of professionals providing website design and digital marketing solutions for alarm companies, systems integrators, and industry professionals throughout the USA. 


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