About Ignite

  • You Keep People, Property & Profits Safe. Our Digital Marketing Solutions Help You Scale Your Business.

As a security services provider, you help keep people and property safe. Safer homes and businesses make safer, more prosperous communities. That helps make the world a better place. For this reason, we take our commitment to our clients very seriously.

For us, it's not just a job - it's a shared life mission that we strongly believe in. It's what makes us great marketers, and even better partners.

Founded in 2009, Ignite is the official marketing agency of the California Alarm Association, the Arizona Alarm Association, the WBFAA, Monitoring Centers, and many SDM 100 companies that you know and trust.


Leadership Team

Developing websites and marketing campaigns within a single industry allows us to manage many different projects at once and streamline operations, saving clients time and money compared to other agencies. 

Brian Plant
CEO / Founder
Penny LeFever
Marketing Manager
Esteban Zenteno
Server Administrator
Brook F
Brook Flagg
Senior Content Writer
Heather Ritchie
Content Strategist
Kasha Disney
Director of Finance

Performance Guarantee

Gain a minimum of five new and relevant keyword SEO rankings each month. 

Industry Expertise

No more wasted time and money with agencies that don't understand the industry. 

Market Exclusivity

Industry clients receive exclusive rights to our digital marketing solutions within your local service area.

5 Star Reviews From Brands You Know & Trust


Over the years I've worked with many marketing companies and I can say Ignite is the best of them all.

Wayne Wahrsager
Commercial Fire & Security

Ignite is a joy to work with. Their quality of work, their compassion they have shown, and their willingness to go above and beyond the stated scope of work are just a few lasting impressions they have left our organization. If you are looking for a re-brand, a kick-start in developing web presence, or just an aesthetical face lift to your organization, Ignite will deliver in spades. A fantastic group of professionals!

Ryan Makovsky
Syncomm Management Group

Hands down the best marketing partner for any security company. By solely focusing within the security industry they have become subject matter experts not only with systems, solutions, emerging technology and the associated industries, they use this information by leveraging new and innovative ways to penetrate the market and potential prospects.

Brendan Lally
IRL Systems

Ignite has been great to work with. Not only have they made us look good but they have also given us a much more professional look and feel in the web.

Tom Vermillion
DEPS Security Group

Don't Struggle for Another Day with Your Marketing

Contact us today for a free demo, and analysis of your marketing. Your security company will get a proven framework that unifies your brand message, generates new business, and easily grows with you. 

About Ignite

We create digital marketing solutions for the security & alarm industry that communicate your story, resonate with your audience, and generate revenue.



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