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Sep 15 2021

Looking for a Chat Solution for Your Security Company?

Ignite is pleased to introduce IgniteChat - an affordable web chat / web text solution that brings 3 essential marketing tools together for your security business: web chat / text, ...
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Sep 15 2021

Looking for a Chat Solution for Your Security Company?

Ignite is pleased to introduce IgniteChat - an affordable web chat / web text solution that brings 3 essential marketing tools together for your security ...

Aug 15 2021

The Art & Science of Security Systems Sales

As an alarm company or systems integrator, you may have heard of the terms SQL (sales qualified lead) and MQL (marketing qualified lead) , but ...

Jun 1 2021

The Best Keywords For The Alarm Industry Are…Not What You Thought

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds like something a bit unnerving – but the first step to SEO success does not involve your computer at all. ...

May 2 2021

What Star Wars Can Teach The Alarm Industry About Marketing

As an electronic security company, marketing is the lifeline of your business, so it makes sense to pay attention to what really works inside of ...
7 Strategies for Boosting Online Leads in 2021

Apr 4 2021

7 Strategies for Boosting Online Leads in 2021

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing. Each year, there are new strategies being introduced as "the next big thing" every business needs to implement in ...

Mar 1 2021

How Alarm Companies Can 10X Sales in 2021

The process of lead generation — attracting a prospect to your website and triggering them to take action — remains critically important in digital marketing. ...

Feb 12 2021

How To Create A YouTube Channel In 5 Minutes

Creating a well-managed YouTube channel with consistent content can help businesses grow better, but doing it right is just as important. Here's how to do ...

Dec 22 2020

Don’t Wait for Customer Reviews. Seek them Out. Here’s Why.

Should you wait for customers to write reviews of your business? No, not necessarily. Here’s why we don’t advocate being passive about customer reviews. Customers ...

Dec 14 2020

Fa-la-la-la la: 5 Ways To Power Through The Day On Little To No Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is essential, but happens all too rarely for many busy entrepreneurs – especially during busy times like the Christmas season. The side ...

Dec 8 2020

5 Tips To Rock Christmas Like A Boss

The holidays are supposed to be all about rockin' around the Christmas tree and walking in a winter wonderland. So why doesn’t it feel very ...

Dec 5 2020

Finding Optimal Life Balance: 6 Tips for Security Executives

It's easy to let your business life seep into your personal life. Think about it: When you're an entrepreneur, there's a lot on your shoulders. Not ...

Nov 8 2020

Making Sense of Your Marketing Campaigns in 2021 With Phone Call Tracking

For security and alarm companies, the marketing tools available today are much more diverse and complex than they were years ago. Most businesses will leverage ...

Oct 14 2020

Beat The Internet Trolls: How Alarm Companies Can Respond To Negative Reviews

Perhaps one of the most overstated truths about customer reviews is that they all have to be positive. You want the majority of reviews to ...
security website design

Aug 19 2020

5 Reasons Leads Are Leaving Your Security Website

There’s no avoiding the reality that you must have a modern website to succeed as a security company – so if you have one, why ...
marketing for small alarm companies

Jul 20 2020

Grow Your Security Business by Thinking Like a Startup

If you want to expand your established security business but aren’t sure where to start, try thinking like a startup. Although a small business that ...

May 27 2020

Positive Reviews=Higher RMR for Alarm Companies

There is another new study that points to a direct correlation between customer reviews and revenues for the businesses who receive them. Conducted by a ...

May 25 2020

5 Ways to Successfully Get Back to Work After Vacation

It’s always hard to return to work after a long vacation. Whether it's a 3 day weekend, the winter holidays or a much anticipated summer ...

May 12 2020

7 Ways To Win Bigger Clients for Your Alarm Company

New commercial clients are the lifeblood of your business, and attracting as many large scale contracts as possible puts your security business in the best ...

Mar 20 2020

Are Bing Ads Better For the Security Industry Than Google Ads?

As a security company, you want to consider all of your online marketing options.  One of the methods that pose the most questions is pay-per-click ...
3 things alarm companies can do to help with seo today

Feb 25 2020

3 Things Alarm Companies Can Do to Improve Google Ranking Without Hiring An SEO Company

Can you imagine visiting Google's Mountain View offices and submitting a request NOT to have your website show up on page 1? Or even indexed? ...

Feb 4 2020

The Buyers Journey & Why It Matters

Your potential customers for security services can be event driven for home security and companies, while the sales cycle for systems integrators can be very ...

Jan 27 2020

What Security Companies Can Learn From Donald Trump

Becoming somebody on Twitter is a worthwhile goal, especially for security brands. Love him or hate him (there doesn't seem to be a happy medium), ...
how alarm companies can save money on business travel

Jan 21 2020

5 Ways Security Companies Can Save Money On Business Travel

Whether you're traveling to major trade shows like ISC, ESX, GSX or to branch offices for sales training this year, chances are the C-Level will want to get the best bang ...

Jan 8 2020

Cultivating A Disruptor Mindset In The Security Industry

You hear it all the time -- how this or that business, person or technology is a disruptor. It sounds great, but what does it ...

Nov 25 2019

7 Success Strategies For Security Companies

As a security company, you probably think a lot about business strategies. You realize you exist in a competitive atmosphere and you want to win. ...
How Customer Reviews Affect the Buying Cycle For Security Companies

Nov 19 2019

How Customer Reviews Affect the Buying Cycle For Security Companies

What is the process by which consumers read your online reviews? A Harvard Business School study identified three stages in the buying cycle that are ...

Nov 15 2019

How Customer Reviews Boost SEO For Alarm Companies

You already knew that customer reviews can have a big impact on your revenues, but did you know that they can also affect your visibility ...

Nov 14 2019

Alarm Companies: Stop Cutting Your Price To Get The Sale. Here’s Why.

Why Are Some Alarm Companies Products So Cheap? Allow me to make a bold statement here.  “Some sales people and companies must reduce their price to ...

Nov 10 2019

How Startup Security Companies Can Turn Business Dreams Into Reality

How many people go through life wondering why things didn’t turn out for them like they thought it would when they were young? It’s possible ...

Oct 20 2019

3 Reasons Why Your Security Business Needs a Blog

You finally got your website re-designed, with a fresh new layout, crisp images and text that actually makes sense to the reader. Naturally, you feel ...

Aug 15 2019

Website Maintenance: Why Your Company Can’t Do Without It

Keeping your website updated is important but time consuming. Unlike the old days, website development is not a “one and done” deal. Websites, like smart phones, ...
website security for alarm companies

Mar 2 2019

Website Security: Protecting Your Website From Hacks

We've talked about the importance of regularly backing up your website so that you don’t lose it in the case of a hack, or server ...

Mar 1 2019

Website Backups: An Essential Security Feature

Your security company website is important and a strategy for protecting your online work is critical. That’s where backups, security & maintenance come in. By ...
Facebook and Customer Reviews go Hand-in-Hand

Jul 25 2017

Facebook and Customer Reviews go Hand-in-Hand

Social media researchers are reporting that Facebook is becoming an increasingly important destination for those in search of business recommendations. A Social Media Today article ...

Jul 10 2017

7 Mistakes Security Companies Make On Social Media

Don't do social media…unless you’re prepared to do it properly. Think about it. If you run a newspaper ad with a typo, you can fix ...
10 Ways Security Businesses Can Get More Love on Twitter

Mar 16 2017

10 Ways Security Businesses Can Get More Love on Twitter

Does the idea of getting followers on Twitter overwhelm you? When you’re starting from scratch without any followers, it can seem like an uphill climb ...
Creating the Perfect Voicemail Greeting For Your Security Company

Sep 1 2016

Creating the Perfect Voicemail Greeting For Your Security Company

Taking time off? Before you leave for a few leisurely days of well deserved R&R, take a few minutes to review your voicemail greeting. It ...
google analytics for alarm companies

Aug 10 2016

The ABC’s Of Google Analytics for Security Companies

You’ve probably heard before that you can’t track what you don’t measure. Google Analytics is free software from Google that makes tracking website visitors and ...

Oct 7 2015

Social Media: A Golden Opportunity For Security Companies

Among all the social media predictions for social media, experts agree on only one thing: it will evolve, and faster than anticipated. Are you ready ...
press releases for alarm companies

Oct 1 2015

Why Press Releases Are Important for Security Companies

Press releases have always been one of the most powerful but highly undervalued tools in the marketing tool kit. However, a recent change in Google’s ...

Sep 14 2015

3 Questions About Social Media For Your Security Business

The universal truth of social media is that it gives you the ability to build relationships with your customers and potential customers. It’s true whether ...

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