Alarm Companies: Stop Cutting Your Price To Get The Sale. Here’s Why.

Why Are Some Alarm Companies Products So Cheap?

Allow me to make a bold statement here.  “Some sales people and companies must reduce their price to close the sale because they do not know how to sell.”
Thinking that you must be the cheapest to win the sale is usually a “rookie” mistake made by inexperienced sales people and companies.  They have failed to build value in their product and their company so they must lower their price or no one would ever buy from them.  They just do not understand sales.

Here are a few tips on how to win the sale without lowering your price.

  • Have a pre-planned presentation and stick to it.
  • Ask lots of questions to determine what your prospect is looking for and why they are looking for it.
  • Build so much value in your company and product that your prospect can’t wait to get it.
  • Never quote price until you are pretty sure your prospect is going to say “yes”.
  • Know your competition and what their weaknesses are.
  • Never mention the name of your competition.
  • Very passively remind your prospect that you are better than the competition, then prove it.
  • Just before asking for the order pull out your “big guns” and explain to the prospect what separates you from the competition.
“People love to buy but hate to be sold”

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