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5 Reasons Leads Are Leaving Your Security Website

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There’s no avoiding the reality that you must have a modern website to succeed as a security company – so if you have one, why are you still failing to get customers online? Here are the top 5 reasons why leads are leaving your security website

1. The design is outdated.

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Maybe it looked great when it was first launched, but now the website looks like something from the early days of the Internet: weird graphics, generic and irrelevant photos, colors that just don’t make sense. You can offer a great service at an amazing price, but no one will care about it if they are turned off by your unsightly web design.

Pro tip: Hire a web design firm that specializes in the security industry to do a redesign of your website; it can make a huge difference in the way potential customers perceive you.

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2. Your company is too hard to contact.

You can still have a Contact Us page, but if your phone number is not displayed prominently, then no one is going to bother trying to find it. Don’t send a message that you don’t care if anyone finds you; place your phone number in prominent places throughout the website with a simple contact form on key sales pages.

Be careful to ask only for the most critical information on your contact forms. Name, phone, email, comments. Optionally a street address if you must have it. People don’t like to give their life story and will leave (bounce) from your contact page if you ask for too much info. Also include a check box asking if their request is for commercial or residential so that your email system can follow up. More on that in a bit.

3. Your website is not mobile friendly.

Speaking of getting found: if your website is not readable on a smartphone, then it’s dead. Period. It’s 2020 and most people perform more mobile searches than desktop searches. That means it’s time to start thinking about developing a new responsive website that looks as good on mobile as the desktop.

4. No automated follow up system

Once a potential customer contacts your company, do they get an automated email reply? These are easy to set up with most website platforms. It can be as simple as a text email with a “Thank You” message.

What about automated continual follow up? “The fortune is in the follow up. What if your salesperson cannot contact your new lead right away? What if after the first sales call, your sales team gets busy and the lead falls through the cracks? What if the lead is just in the information gathering stage? All of these issues can be easily solved with an automated series of emails that connect with your lead after the initial contact. The content of the emails should be helpful information about your services, to help educate and persuade. The content should also be relevant. You wouldn’t want to send commercial content to a residential lead, right?

Strategic and automated follow up is simple but time consuming and you need the right tools to do it. Your competitors are doing it, and if you’re not then you’re website is failing.

5. No calls to action or lead magnets.

What is a lead magnet? It’s a simple piece of content that provides enough value to your visitors that they’d be willing to exchange their email address to receive it. They get great information that they can use instantly, and you get your visitors email address, which gets added to an email list for automated follow up and tracking (see above reference to automated follow up).

What kind of content should you provide? For a security company, it could be as simple as a free playbook on a particular piece of security technology. For alarm companies, a simple checklist for finding the right provider, and questions to ask potential alarm companies in their buying journey.

So, you know you’ve got a problem. Now what?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. This is a problem that many small business owners have. Take the time to carefully analyze your website and determine whether any of the points mentioned in this article and free report apply. Then, the next step is to take those concerns to a qualified web design/web marketing firm.

If the site needs a total overhaul, hiring a professional to do the job for you is definitely the way to go. A marketing agency can help you make better decisions for your website going forward – decisions related to website content, search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy.

Did I mention that we can help with that? Book a time with an expert from Ignite using the calendar on this page, and we’ll help you map out a game plan to start leveraging your website to generate more business today.

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